A major benefit of NJHRPG's Participation Options is the value of participating in (or allowing substitutes to participate in) Major Program Events featuring nationally and internationally known consultants, authors, and speakers at convenient New Jersey locations, at no cost additional to the package's purchase price.


Each Major Program Event provides valuable learning/development opportunities for business leaders responsible for human resource management; talent development, engagement, and retention; change management, and organizational design and effectiveness, through highly informative and engaging presentations delivered by 'sought after' speakers, as well as great opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas before, during and after the program.




Fee: $100


Any non-member who wishes to purchase an Annual Individual Membership or an Event Package after paying the "Guest" fee to attend an event will be eligible to apply the amount paid if it is purchased prior to the date of the next program.




Fee:$250 (September - December 2017)



  • Opportunity to attend Programs in 2017. (Member may allow a substitute to attend any event which the member is not able to attend.)

  • One free Guest during your membership period.
    (*Applies only when an individual is attending a Program event as your guest  for the first time and has not previously been an Annual Member or Events Package Holder within the past two years.)
  • Access to all previous program materials to view or download during your membership period.

Note: Due to recent modifications in the Affiliate relationship between global HRPS and NJHRPG which became effective January 1, 2016, one of the three criteria listed below must be met in order to be eligible for NJHRPG's Annual Individual Membership option.


Membership Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Senior level professional with 10+ years of progressive HR and leadership experience directing one or more strategic functions within Human Resources, Organization Development, Learning, Talent Management, etc., serving in one or more of the following internal organizational titles/roles: CHRO; Senior Vice President; Vice President; Executive Director; Senior Director; or HR Director/Lead for a Business Unit, Division, Region, or Center of Excellence
  2. External Consultant with 10+ years of experience designing and leading strategic engagements for client companies related to the HR People + Strategy Five Pillars of Knowledge
  3. Senior-level Academic possessing an advanced degree in the field of HR or business/management, and recognized within the HR profession as contributing strategic thinking and practice.

** If you are not eligible for the Membership Option, you are welcome to purchase an Events Package Option (see details below).


***If you have questions about the Annual Individual Membership or the Events Package Options, please click here to send an email to NJHRPG (including your phone number) before making a purchase on the website, and you will be contacted soon to address your inquiry.


If you are interested in purchasing a Membership, please contact our Administrator, Alison Normand, at






The options below enable you and/or your invited guests to utilize 'tickets' from an Events Package to attend any of NJHRPG's Major Program events at a discounted price in comparison to the regular fee for Non-members attendees.


  Events Package #1:   4 Tickets     Package Fee: $350


  Events Package #2:   8 Tickets     Package Fee: $700


The following guidelines are applicable to both of the Package Options above:


  • *A key contact is to be designated to be responsible for authorizing individuals' utilization of the Events Package (It may be you or someone else you may designate as being responsible for authorizing use of the Package.)  Attendees may be anyone you or your designee authorize to utilize a 'ticket' from your Events Package.
  • There is no time limit within which Events Package tickets must be utilized.  A package expires only when all of the tickets have been used to attend events.
  • There is no limit on the number of times any guest of yours may attend NJHRPG's major program events utilizing your Events Package tickets.
  • Multiple Events Packages may be purchased and there is no limit on the number of Annual Packages that may be purchased during any period of time.
  • Access to all previous program materials to view or download during the term of your Events Package (prior to using all of the tickets in the package).


NOTE: Any non-member who wishes to purchase an NJHRPG Events Package after paying a "Guest" fee to attend a program may apply the amount paid if it is purchased prior to the date of the next event.


If you are interested in purchasing an Events Package, please contact our Administrator, Alison Normand, at





Future Major Program Events


November 15, 2017

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

"The New HR Mandate

When Performance Management Disrupts"

Dr. Anna Tavis, Speaker


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