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HR/Workforce Metrics

Featuring Speaker: Dick Beatty

July 26, 2016


How to Bring Out the Best in Today's Young Talent 

Featuring Speaker: Bruce Tulgan

December 3, 2015


What HR Leaders Need to Know and Do To Be Relevant

Featuring Speaker: Ian Ziskin

September 28, 2015


TRIGGERS: Becoming the Person We Want To Be  

Featuring Speaker: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

June 11, 2015


The Future of Work: How to Make the Future Work, Now! 

Featuring Speaker: Bill Jensen

April 14, 2015


Transformation in the Digital Era: Implications for Organizations and Individuals 

Features Speaker: Courtney Shelton Hunt

November 18, 2014 


The Purpose Economy; Trends, drivers, and implications organizational leaders need to know and address 

Featured Speaker: Aaron Hurst

September 9, 2014 


Strategy at the Speed of Thought: 4 Steps to Building Your Thinking Agility

Featured Speaker: Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

May 15, 2014 


Overworked and Overwhelmed: A Mindful Leadership Alternative

Featured Speaker: Scott Eblin

February 26, 2014 


Generation Me at Work: What's Up With America's Most Entitled, Confident, Assertive and Miserable Generation of Workers? 

Featured Speaker: Dr. Jean Twenge

November 20, 2013


First Things First: Enhancing the Ability to Manage Oneself

Featured Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Hunter

October 1, 2013


Accelerating Everyone: Building Enterprise-wide Transition Acceleration Systems

Featured Speaker: Dr. Michael Watkins

June 18, 2013


Positive Intelligence (PQ) - Why It Matters More Than IQ or EQ

Featured Speaker: Shirzad Chamine

March 19, 2013


Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: The Career Development Imperative

Featured Speaker: Dr. Beverly Kaye

November 15, 2012



Featured Speaker: Dr. David Finegold

October 9, 2012


Ten Assumptions That Are No Longer True... But Still Shape Our Organizations Today

Featured Speaker: Tamara Erickson

June 5, 2012


Trends in Organization Design and Strategy

Featured Speaker: Jay Galbraith, Ph.D.

March 29, 2012


Knowledge-Based Decision Making & Future Scenario Planning

Featured Speaker: John Austin, Ph.D.

November 3, 2011 


Built on Values

Featured Speaker: Ann Rhoades

September 13, 2011


Creating a Culture of Innovation

Featured Speaker: Yolanda Mangolini of Google

May 12, 2011


The Neuroscience of Organizational Change

Featured Speaker: David Rock, Ph.D.

March 24, 2011


Reengaging Passion for Work: Sustaining Resonant Leadership in Challenging Times

Featured Speaker: Annie McKee, Ph.D.

November 9, 2010


Making Good Organization Design Decisions

Featured Speaker: Amy Kates & Greg Kesler

September 16, 2010


Managing the Hidden Barriers to Organizational Change

Featured Speaker: Robert J. Marshak, Ph.D.

May 26, 2010


Optimizing ROI of Talent Planning/Management in a World of Uncertainty

Featured Speaker: John Boudreau, Ph.D.

March 5, 2010


Effective Internal Communication in a World Changing at Warp Speed

Featured Speaker: Roger D'Aprix

December 8, 2009



CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked and About to Snap!

Featured Speaker: Dr. Edward M. Hallowell

September 17, 2009


Building Capability to Thrive in a World of Accelerating Change

Featured Speaker: Eamonn Kelly

June 4, 2009


Leveraging The Power Within Human Networks

Featured Speaker: Dr. Karen Stephenson

February 24, 2009


The Heart and Soul of Leadership

Featured Speaker: Jim Kouzes

October 28, 2008


Creating an Innovative and Collaborative Enterprise

Featured Speaker: Tamara Erickson

September 23, 2008


Strategic Leadership & Decision Making

Featured Speaker: Michael Useem

June 12, 2008


HR Functional Leadership: Building the HR Function of the Future
Featured Speaker: Peter Ramstad

March 6, 2008


Resonant Leadership: Creating Sustainable Leaders Through Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion
Featured Speaker: Richard Boyatzis

January 24, 2008


Building Accountability and Commitment: Six Conversations That Matter
Featured Speaker: Bill Brewer

October 3, 2007


It's Okay To Be The Boss: A Prescription for Treating an 'Epidemic of Under-Management'
Featured Speaker: Bruce Tulgan

May 22, 2007


Eight Trends Shaping Your Future: An Innovation Imperative
Featured Speaker: Mary O'Hara-Devereaux

February 6, 2007


The "Essential Evolution": The Coming Decision Science for HR
Featured Speaker: John Boudreau, Ph.D.

October 17, 2006


Sponsor Event - Defining the Employee Value Proposition
Featured Speaker: Chris Thornton

April 6, 2006


A Whole New Mind
Featured Speaker: Daniel Pink

February 7, 2006



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Focusing on Customers -- THE Value Proposition

Featured Speaker: David Ulrich
November 3, 2005


In Search of Growth: 10 Practices That Create Organic Growth Champions
Featured Speaker: William Pasmore, Ph.D.
September 22, 2005


Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High
Featured Speaker: Joseph Grenny
May 19, 2005


Value Creation Through Authentic Leadership
Featured Speaker:
Bill George
March 2, 2005


Strategies of Consent: Leader as Social Architect
Featured Speaker: Peter Block
February 5, 2004


Special Event 

Featured Speaker: Larry Bossidy
May 13, 2003


Aligning Organization Design
Featured Speaker: David Nadler

September 19, 2002


Special Event

Leadership Lessons Learned from 9/11:  How Business Identity is Formed in Response to Crisis
July 24, 2002


What's Next for HR?
Featured Speaker: David Ulrich
May 30, 2002


Managing in an Era of Uncertainty:  Winning the Talent Wars
Featured Speaker: Bruce Tulgan
February 27, 2002


Making a Life, Making a Living - Reclaiming Your Purpose and Passion in Business and in Life
Featured Speaker: Mark Albion
November 7, 2001


Transforming to a High-Performance Culture: Consent vs. Mandate
Featured Speaker: Peter Block
October 9, 2001


HR Strategies for a High-Speed, Knowledge-Based Global Economy
Featured Speaker:
May 10, 2001


Peak Performance
Featured Speaker:
Jon Katzenbach
February 22, 2001



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