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Presenter: Dick Beatty


Data analytics and HR metrics are very popular issue for today's HR professionals. However, most HR metrics are not interventional - such that you could use them to intervene in your organization and improve its strategy performance. But this is changing as the workforce is becoming increasingly important as firms compete more and more with its "brainware." Thus the workforce and subsequently HR are fiercely becoming strategic resources. Given this, HR needs to understand that it requires these strategies - business strategy, workforce strategy, and HR strategy.  Without this understanding of the context of HR's deliverable, it is impossible to comprehend what HR should do in terms of HR practices and how these efforts should be measured.


Strategy should drive metrics and metrics should enable decision making in the best interest of the organization. To identify the right metrics we must understand 1) beginning with the end in mind and 2) that metrics are answers to questions.


Therefore, if your firm wants to be inordinately successful, it must build a high performance workforce by developing answers to the following questions with the appropriate metrics which can be used to make a difference in the organization's performance:


  • What must your workforce know about your firm to enable them to meet customer and employee expectations?
  • What is your inventory of strategic talent? How, where and who create strategic value for your organization.
  • What are leaders' responsibilities in managing their workforce and how do we hold them accountable?
  • How do we know how effective and efficient our HR function is in impacting workforce mindset, strategic talent, and leader accountability as well as serving the workforce? 






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Dick Beatty


Richard W. (Dick) Beatty has been a tenured Professor at the University of Colorado and Rutgers University.  He received his A from Hanover College, his MBA from Emory University and his Ph.D. from Washington University. He is active in executive education as a Core Faculty member at the University of Michigan's Executive Education program and has presented executive programs at universities such as: Cornell, Wharton, Dartmouth, Pittsburgh, Utah State, and the Indian School of Business (Harvard).


Professor Beatty's research interests focus on strategic workforce planning, HR metrics, rewards, and performance leadership. He has published nineteen books and more than one hundred articles on workforce issues in business and management journals. He is co-author of The Differentiated Workforce (Harvard Business School Press, 2010) and The Workforce Scorecard: Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy (Harvard Business School Press, 2005), named one of the top ten must-reads by Human Resource Executive, and "A" Players or "A" Positions?: The Strategic Logic of Workforce Management (Harvard Business Review, 2005). He is a former associate editor of Human Resource Management Journal as well as the Academy of  Management Review. He has twice won the Human Resource Planning Society's research award for the best applied article on human resource management and won the Book Award from the Society of Human Resource Management. He is past President of the Society of Human Resource Management Foundation. In 2013, he was named one of the twenty most influential International Thinkers on the Global Workforce by HR Magazine (UK).


He has had long-term working relationships with General Electric, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, ITT, Precision Castparts (PCC), Nissan and Boehringer Ingelheim among many others in implementing the organizational change efforts and differentiated workforce concepts. He has worked with the Jack Welch Institute and serves on several boards including Cypress Semiconductor. He was one of the original thirteen business coaches for GE's renown "Work-Out" program serving as the lead coach for GE Aircraft Engines, as well as GE's Power, Delivery and Control groups, reporting to Jack Welch. He was also the lead consultant/coach for General Motors' "Go Fast" program, to the Executive in charge of Global Quality which moved GM from thirteenth to third in eighteen months in the J.D. Powers Rankings. He was also the business coach for GM's President of European Operations.


Professor Beatty's experience in executive education is extensive. He has worked with well over half of the Fortune 100 firms, addressing issues in strategic workforce planning, workforce metrics, and organizational change.


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